Samstag, 24.02.2024 / 20:10 Uhr

Iraks Außenminister erwartet Entschuldigung vom Iran

Nach den Raketenangriffen auf die irakisch-kurdische Hauptstadt Erbil im Januar wartet der irakische Außenminister noch immer auf eine offizielle Entschuldigung aus Teheran:

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein described his country’s relationship with the US as “damaged”, but said it was being “repaired”. That is not the only relationship in need of repair, as he also described ties with Iran as “damaged”.

Mr Hussein is a seasoned Iraqi politician and one with a vast network of connections and friendships, from Washington to Tehran. And today, his mission includes negotiating an agreement with the US about the future of the two countries’ military ties and, by extension, their entire bilateral relationship.

Two decades on from the US invasion of Iraq and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the Iraqi government is seeking to end America’s military footprint in the country.

While this was a policy adopted by Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani last year, rising tension in the Middle East since the start of the Gaza war has led to numerous militias and Iran-backed groups demanding an immediate end to America’s presence in the region.

However, Mr Hussein explained that there needs to be an assessment of the threats in Iraq before a final decision is made.

Iran further complicated matters last month when it fired missiles into Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, killing four civilians and wounding six others.