Sonntag, 04.12.2022 / 09:21 Uhr

Umfrage: Über die Hälfte aller Israelis fürchtet um Zukunft der Demokratie

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

In einer Umfrage äußern 60% aller Israelis, dass sie sich um die Zukunft der Demokratie in Israel sorgen.

Kanal 12 des israelischen Fernsehen führte jüngst eine Umfrage durch, deren Ergebnisse zeigen,, wie besorgt viele Israelis sind angesichts der Koalitionsverhandlungen, die den Religiösen Zionisten wichtige Ministerposten in einer künftigen Regierung versprechen: 

Sixty-one percent of respondents to a Channel 12 survey said they were worried about the future of Israeli democracy, while 35% said they were not.

The survey found that 41% of respondents who voted for parties in the Netanyahu-led right-wing religious bloc said they were concerned, compared to 82% of respondents who voted for parties in the anti-Netanyahu bloc who said the same.

Derweil warnte der Bürgermeister von Tel Aviv vor einer Theokratie:

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai on Friday warned that Israel was heading toward becoming a fascist theocracy, as the incoming government moves to put extremists in charge of key education programs and neuter the Supreme Court. (...)

“That’s the story of Israel being turned into a theocracy,” said Huldai, whose city is known as a bastion of secular, liberal Israelis. “We are going to be a Halachic state,” he added, referring to Jewish religious law.

Netanyahu this week agreed to give Maoz, the sole lawmaker in the fringe Noam party, an annual budget of at least NIS 100 million ($29 million), as well as over a dozen staffers, as a deputy minister at the helm of a new “national Jewish identity” government agency within the Prime Minister’s Office.