Freitag, 20.05.2022 / 22:52 Uhr

Proteste gegen den autokratischen Präsidenten in Tunesien

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Über neue Proteste gegen den zunehmend autokratischer regierenden Präsidenten in Tunesien, der das Land sukzessive in eine neue Diktatur zu verwandeln versucht, berichtet die DW:

After 10 months of authoritarian rule by Tunisia's President Kais Saied following a power grab, many in the crisis-ridden country are united in pushing for a return to democracy.

Around 2,000 people of different political affiliations took to the streets on Sunday following a call by the newly-formed alliance National Salvation Front.



While the turnout was not comparable to the massive sit-ins in 2013 when thousands of people called for democratic elections, the meaning is nevertheless significant: A growing number of people, political parties and factions are joining forces to reject the political course on Saied's watch.