Samstag, 04.04.2020 / 14:04 Uhr

US verlassen weitere Airbase im Irak

Aus dem Netz

Der Abzug geht weiter, zeitgleich heisst es, erstarke der IS erneut im Irak:

Coalition forces held a ceremony to transfer $3.5 million of property to the Iraqi army, a coalition spokesperson wrote on Twitter.

An official statement from the Coalition confirmed the base’s departure and said it had been planned earlier as the Iraqi forces are believed to be ready now to continue the war against the Islamic State (IS).

It also noted that the departure of the Coalition forces from al-Taqaddum Airbase was not related to recent attacks against the Iraqi bases hosting Coalition troops, or the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

“The transfer of Taqaddum (Habbaniya) air base is another step forward in the ongoing partnership between Iraqi Security Forces and the anti-ISIS international military Coalition,” said Brig. Gen. Vincent Baker, CJTF-OIR director of sustainment.

“Over the last month we have transferred four bases to full ISF control. This wouldn’t be possible without the ISF’s proven capability to bring the fight to ISIS. The Coalition will continue to support our partners against the veils of Daesh,” he added.