Mittwoch, 17.04.2019 / 10:06 Uhr

Neues Massengrab in Sinjar entdeckt

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Die Tragödie geht weiter:

The remains of hundreds of Yezidis executed by Islamic State (ISIS) militants are believed to have been discovered at a mass grave in Kocho, Shingal.

It's one of 15 burial sites in the village of Kocho, a Yezidi village in the Shingal district.

The Iraqi government, the International Commission on Missing Persons and the United Nations are conducting an exhumation of the suspected mass grave sites.

"The bodies in this grave will be sent directly to the forensic department in Baghdad, and I went to Baghdad and visited the laboratories and saw the process there," said Haitham Ahmad who has lost four family members.

In the summer of 2014, the ethno-religious Yezidi minority in northwestern Iraq and the Kurdistan Region were targeted by Islamic State (ISIS) extremists streaming from Raqqa to Mosul across the border with Syria.