Montag, 30.01.2023 / 20:03 Uhr

USA bestätigen erneut ihre Unterstützung von Rojava

So deutlich haben die USA es bislang nicht gesagt und in Anakara wird man es nicht gerne hören:

The US Representative to Northeast Syria Nicholas Granger on Saturday reiterated Washington’s support for the area’s economic projects and reinforcing its stability, during a visit to the Kurdish administration in the country’s northeast (Rojava).

“Nicholas Granger affirmed the continued support for sustainable projects in the region, and their support for economic projects in general, in addition to their support for strengthening the security situation and maintaining security and stability in northern and eastern Syria,” read a statement from the Kurdish administration following the meeting.

Turkey’s “continued threats” to launch another military operation and its impact on the security and economy of the area were also discussed. (...)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Al Arabiya’s Nadia Bilbassy on Sunday that a military incursion in Syria is not “in anyone’s interests” as it jeopardizes the efforts made against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Turkey “has legitimate security interests. There’s no disputing that. But those interests can be dealt with effectively without, I think, a military intervention,” said Blinken.