Mittwoch, 10.07.2024 / 11:25 Uhr

Gaza: Offene Kritik an Hamas nimmt zu

Offenbar nehmen unter den Bewohner des Gazastreifens Kritik und offene Unmutsäußerungen an der Hamas zu.

So berichtet BBC über ein Video, das vielfach in sozialen Medien geteilt wurde:

The man in the video is beside himself, a mask of anguish radiating through his bloodied face.
“I am an academic doctor,” he says, “I had a good life, but we have a filthy [Hamas] leadership. They got used to our bloodshed, may God curse them! They are scum!”
The video - unthinkable before the Gaza war - was filmed outside a hospital, inundated with hundreds of Palestinian casualties after an Israeli operation to free hostages from central Gaza last month.
Seconds before the video ends, he turns to the crowd.
“I’m one of you,” he says, “but you are a cowardly people. We could have avoided this attack!”

Laut Oppositionellen aus Gaza lehnt inzwischen eine Mehrheit der Bevölkerung die Hamas ab und macht sie für die Folgen nach den Massakern vom 7.10 verantwortlich.

Die Hamas weiß darum und reagiert mit verstärkter Repression. Bassam Tawil führt näher aus, was das bedeutet:

According to reports from the Gaza Strip, Hamas has murdered a number of Palestinians who it believed had indicated willingness to be part of a new government that would replace the terrorist group after the war. (...)

The most recent victim of Hamas's measures to prevent the emergence of new leaders in the Gaza Strip is a prominent member of the Abu Amra clan. Earlier this week, Hamas terrorists shot and killed him in the Al-Zawaida neighborhood in the center of the Gaza Strip. The man was reportedly accused of expressing readiness to "collaborate" with Israel and other countries in distributing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The Abu Amra clan retaliated by killing two Hamas terrorists. The feud between the Abu Amra clan and Hamas included shooting, and burning property, houses and cars.

Because Hamas and the PA have reportedly been stealing most of the food and medicine for their own members, it opposes other Palestinians getting engaged in the humanitarian aid distribution process. Several Palestinians, as well as aid workers, who nevertheless defied Hamas and took part in the distribution of food and medicine in the Gaza Strip were murdered or wounded by the group's terrorists.

Hamas, apparently, does not want food or medication to reach the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, particularly not via Israeli border crossings. This situation is most likely caused by Hamas's desire to prolong and aggravate the suffering of the Palestinians and create a "famine" so it can place the blame on Israel. This plan, in fact, seems to be why Hamas terrorists have been firing rockets at the Kerem Shalom border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The assassination of the Abu Amra clan member and the theft of humanitarian aid are only a few of the Hamas atrocities that are often "overlooked" by the mainstream media and those in the West who describe themselves as "pro-Palestinian."