Mittwoch, 10.08.2022 / 22:11 Uhr

Islamische Staat begrüßt Krieg in der Ukraine

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Bildquelle: Screenshot aus dem Amaq Magazin des IS

Der Islamische Staat (IS) begrüßt in der letzten Ausgabe seines Magazins, das noch immer erscheint, den Krieg in der Ukraine:

A new ISIS magazine predicts that Ukraine is just the beginning in terms of a “great war” waged by Russia, China, and North Korea, as the terror group embraces a new world order as divine retribution while criticizing Western media and governments for calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “nuthead.”

The cover of the 11th edition of the Voice of Khurasan magazine — published by ISIS-Khorasan’s official media arm, the Al Azaim Foundation — depicts the delivery of military equipment with the headline, “The Black Hole in Ukraine.”

The article states that the Russian invasion proved to be “a blessed war” and a “Crusaders Vs Crusaders war; Crusaders invading Crusaders; Crusaders massacring Crusaders; Crusaders desecrating the sanctity of people of cross.”

“The war started with the Russians aimed at proving their supremacy over America … the world saw the citizens of a well-developed, rich European country running on their feet,” the article said. “…The people, who thought they would never be threatened in their homes, as every threat was set to be removed by their Crusader governments waging their war on terror against Islam, have seen a clear glimpse of war right in their own homes.”

ISIS predicted such bloodshed would expand beyond Ukraine: “Airstrikes, mass graves, cries of injured, unburied corpses, mourning women… all these have become a normal sight in Europe again, although they tried, with all their might, to cease the repeat of the WW-II holocaust. But it will return.”